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survey_bannerCommunity councillors in City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Midlothian Council, and West Lothian Council are invited to respond to a diversity survey conducted jointly by Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC) and the Improvement Service (IS) on behalf of ELREC.
We would like to request that you complete this online survey, which is conducted jointly by Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council and the Improvement Service (IS).  This survey is only intended for individual community councillors in the City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Midlothian Council and West Lothian council.This survey will be closed on the 20th February 2017 so please submit your response by then.
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Purpose of This Survey: ELREC and the IS recognise that equalities monitoring is an important way of assessing the representation of minorities in the public life. The survey is to inform ELREC’s Diversity in Public Life project which aims to increase the participation of minorities in public life and the democratic process. The project is funded by Scottish Government to work with the diverse communities around Edinburgh and the Lothians. The outcomes from this survey will help to design future policy in relation to promoting equality and diversity within the Community Councils.
Please note, the information that you share in this survey will be anonymised by research staff at the Improvement Service. All data will be made anonymous for later publishing, meaning that no individual will be identifiable from the shared information or publications. The original data will be deleted once the analysis is complete. The information provided in this survey will be used in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act.  The Data Protection Act 1998 gives rights to individuals in respect of personal data held about them by others. Diversity information is defined by the Data Protection Act as “sensitive”.  It is not mandatory to supply this information. The information will be treated as confidential and used for research and statistical analysis only.  Access to the data obtained will be strictly limited to the appropriate Improvement Service research staff for the purposes set out above.  The Data Controller is the Improvement Service.
If you would like more information about the reasons behind this survey, how the information you provide will be used, or confidentiality issues please contact:
For more information about Diversity in Public Life project contact: Mizan Rahman, Equality Engagement Officer, E-mail:, Telephone: 0131 556 0441,

To find more information about Improvement Service (IS):

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