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West Lothian Community Council Election 2017
Nomination Deadline: 5pm on Thursday 14th September 2017
For more information, nomination packs

NOMINATIONS FOR: Craigmillar , Drylaw / Telford and Old Town Community Council
Deadline: 30 January 2017, Monday 4pm
For nomination forms and more information Click Here

Diversity in Community Councils Online Survey

The Improvement Service Community Council Project and ELREC (Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council) are conducting a diversity survey among community councillors in Edinburgh and the Lothians  (City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian Councils).
Survey link:
Deadline: 20 February 2017. Click here for more info.

BME Community Councillors in Edinburgh  (01 Nov 2016)

BME Community Councillors
Newly elected BME Community Councillors

Join Our Community Councils Hour on Twitter

We are hosting our very first Scottish Community Councils Hour on Twitter on 8th November 2016. Starting at 8pm, we will tweet questions over the course of an hour, encouraging community councils on Twitter to get involved by tweeting using the hashtag #ScottishCCs. .. see more 

Results of the Leith Links CC Election (28/10/2016)


LEITH LINKS – VOTE ONLINE (deadline 27 Oct 8pm)

Profile of the candidates (click here). For regular updates and more information, please visit: https://leithlinkscc.wordpress.comleith-links-elections

CC Election 2016: Update from Edinburgh Council (06/10/2016)

Following the close of nominations on 26 September 2016, there were more validly nominated candidates than the number of councillors to be elected for Leith Links Community Councils. Polls will therefore take place to elect the number of councillors indicated for this community councils.
Polling will take place between 2pm and 8pm on 27 October at a polling place within the community council area.
Voters will be able to vote online 24 hours a day from from 19 October until 8pm on Thursday 24 October, by using the Voter ID and Password that will be sent to each voter on the electoral register as at 1 September 2016.
Only those persons who are registered to vote in the community council area on the 1 September 2016 will be eligible to vote, 16 and older included.
The name and address of each validly nominated candidate is available to view on the notice of poll below. Notice of poll

Drop in sessions: Community Council Election 2016
14 September 2016, 2.00pm – 4.00pm
21 September 2016, 2.00pm-4.00pm
See details information on the flyers (pdf file / image)


  • Community Councils Boundary Maps (link)
  • Scheme for Community Councils (link)
  • Find out your Community Council (postcode search)
  • Census 2011 – Community Council’s profile (link)
  • Community Council Guidance Notes (link)
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Community Council (link)

EDINBURGH COUNCIL – CC ELECTION 2016 (Deadline 26 Sept, 4pm)

  • Schedule: Community Council Elections 2016 (download)
  • Elected member nomination form (link)
  • Local interest group nomination form (link)
  • List of Returning Officers (link

EAST LOTHIAN COUNCIL – CC ELECTION 2016 (Deadline 15 Sept, 4pm)

  • Notice of Election (link)
  • Nomination packs (link)
  • More about East Lothian Community Councils election (link)

CCs News and update:

Event Reports: Diversity Community Council, 11 Aug 2016 (event report)

Get Involved in Leith Central Community Council Election 2016 (full story)

A letter to all community councils members (download)

Election 2016: Publicity materials

Poster: Be part of something great ! (download)

Poster: Community Council Election (download)

ELREC Diversity in Public Life project aims to increase participation of the BME community in community councils. The community council is very grass-root level public life institutions which could be a starting point for many BME CC_LOGOindividual. A recent survey conducted by ELREC revealed that around 73% participants are unaware about who is representing them  within the community council (CC). Only 19% of the survey respondents have ever met or contacted with their community councillors. The study also highlighted that most CCs remain completely unrepresentative of the BME community. There was lack of information/ statistics in relation to diversity among the community councillors.   In view of the above, it is important to raise awareness and increase representation of the BME community in Community councils. At the wake of sept/oct 2016 CC triennial election, ELREC has undertaken number of initiatives to provide information and support to the BME individuals who wish to be nominated/elected at the CCs. Most of the works have been carried out in partnership with community councils and local authorities colleagues.

What is Community Council?

Community Councils are voluntary organisations which are established by local government legislation (Scotland Act 1973) and made up ofpeople who have an interest in the wellbeing of their community.  They are volunteers, although democratically elected, and their main purpose is to represent the views of their local community to the local authority and other public bodies.  In particular Community Councils have the right to be consulted on planning and licensing applications within their area. There are 1200 community council across Scotland. For more information:

  • City of Edinburgh Council – There are 46 Community Council in Edinburgh. (see more)
  • Edinburgh Community Council Association : EACC is a liaison body  of the active Community Councils in Edinburgh.
  • West Lothian Council – Community Councils (see more)
  • East Lothian Council – Community Councils (see more)
  • Midlothian Council – There are 16 Community Councils in Midlothian. (see more)