Useful links:

  1. ELREC :
  2. City of Edinburgh Council – Election Team
  3. • Convention for Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA):
  4. Improvement Service:
  5. Electoral Commission:
  6. Standards Commission for Scotland:
  7. Your Local Authority:
  8. Scottish Conservatives:
  9. Scottish Green Party:
  10. Scottish Labour:
  11. Scottish Liberal Democrats:
  12. Scottish National Party:

Past studies:

  • Get your voice heard ! (download)
    (A pilot project in Leith and North Edinburgh to enhance the participation of black and ethnic minority people in the Local Community Planning Partnership and other local democratic processes )
  • Independence Councillor Guide link
  • Voter don’t know their Councillor link  / awareness
  • Engaging the public in the Scottish Parliament’s petitions process (Report )
  • A guide for political parties- EHRC, Feb 2018 (click here)